Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More LM8UU

Continuing with the linear bearing upgrade, my next print after getting the Y-axis all linear bearing-ified (and the rocket shot glass test) was Greg's X-carriage for LM8UU's. I actually stopped the print a few layers early because I found the little towers that contain the bearings had a tendency to snap off when trying to insert the bearing on the Y-axis holders and weren't really necessary once the zip-ties were in place anyway.
New LM8UU X-carriage a la Greg Frost
Mounted and ready to go

It works great and the integrated tensioning device is a brilliant feature. Thanks Greg!

So I'm running out of excuses not try printing with ABS. The main reason I want to do so is in order to make myself an extra extruder cold end in case something goes drastically wrong and I end up wrecking mine. That, and I find the regular Wade's setup a pain to deal with both in terms of the idler holder and the fact that one mounting screw is buried under the motor which has two mounting screws hidden behind the large gear. Can you guess which extruder I want to make?

I got some of the usual glass bead 100k thermistors in so I can use one for testing the glass HBP. If I can get it up to temperature and it works well for PLA and ABS, I'll consider modifying the RAMPS thermistor circuit to accommodate my relatively low resistance written thermistor on the glass. Maybe I can just use another of the analog inputs.